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Hardfacing Alloys

  • Astro 900 Crusher Rod AC/DC - Product Photo

    Astro 900 Crusher Rod AC/DC

  • Astro 900 Tubular Crusher - Product Photo

    Astro 900 Tubular Crusher

  • Astro 902 Ni-Mn AC/DC - Product Photo

    Astro 902 Ni-Mn AC/DC

  • Astro 930 Hardfacing Alloy

  • Astro 950 Hardfacing Alloy - Product Photo

    Astro 950 Hardfacing Alloy

  • Astro HSS-1 is designed for overlays on high speed steels and many other steels.

    Astro HSS-1 Hardfacing

  • Astro Tungsten Carbide Electrode - Product Photo

    Astro Tungsten Carbide Electrode

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