Multi Purpose Citrus Cleaning Concentrate


The Astro EcoTech Citromaxx is a concentrated NEW anionic cleaner powered by advances in surfactant technology and complemented by NATURAL orange oil to increase solvency. Citromaxx is a multi use, septic safe, super concentrate, capable of POWERFUL deep cleaning.

All AUSTRALIAN made and designed, Citromaxx is a SAFE eco-friendly formulation, capable of removing food stains, baked on grease, fat, oil, adhesive glue, mould, wax, soap scum & gum. It is useful to clean stoves, ovens, fridges, BBQ’s, pots & pans, sinks, showers, baths, floors, tiles, lino, cupboards, benches, tabletops, laminates, windows, venetians, caravan interiors, plastics and shed interiors. This all-in-one product reduces the need to have multiple cleaners at home or work. The formula contains no glycol ethers, no phosphates and is non-caustic.  Citromaxx is packaged in ECO-FRIENDLY bulk buy sizes, allowing you to BENEFIT economically whilst reducing your environmental packing waste impact.

Effective Cleaning And Light Degreasing For Kitchens, Bathrooms, Tiles, Floors, Fridges, Walls, Laminates, BBQ’s, Sheds, Caravans. Domestic & Commercial Use.


For Best Results Allow Citromaxx time to work on a surface, but ensure it does not dry on surface prior to rinsing off.  NOTE: Citromaxx is not recommended for use on leather, suede, powder coat, Colour bond or old paint. Difficult stains may require re-treatment.
General Cleaning Dilute Citromaxx at 1:30-1:100 parts water.  Spray with a hand held atomiser, then wipe down with a cloth. For stubborn substances, leave solution on for 5-10 mins to work.  (10-33ml makes up 1Lt solution)
Floors, Sinks, Toilets, Showers Dilute Citromaxx at 1:30 parts water, spray entire surface and allow time to work, wipe with a cloth then rinse off. (33ml makes up 1Lt solution)
Degreasing Floors Dilute Citromaxx to 1:10 parts water and apply liberally.  Scrub with a stiff brush or broom, then leave for 10-15 mins. Brush again, then high pressure hose off with water. (100ml makes up 1Lt solution)
Other Degreasing Dilute Citromaxx  to 1:5 parts water and apply with a brush or pressure spray. Leave for 5-10 mins then high pressure hose off with water. (200ml makes up 1Lt solution)


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