High Friction Resistant Alloy, Overlay & Build Up


High Friction Resistant Alloy for Overlay and Build up

Super-high wear-resistant alloy for frictional overlay and build-up. The single alloy that will braze steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, nickel, Inconel, stainless steel and galvanised iron.



Especially designed for overlaying and build-up of gear teeth, shafts, bearings, valve seats, pistons and other surfaces subjected to frictional wear. Also used for joining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals having poor fit up.

Excellent for building up broken gear teeth, worn armature shafts, valve seats, worn bearings and similar applications where frictional resistance is required.



  • Exceptional wear resistance on ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Wearing surfaces become tougher, and wear quality increases with use
  • 215 FC Will give up to 14 times the wear of ordinary steels
  • Does not crack, chip or peel like normal bronzes
  • Bonds easily to rusty or dirty surfaces
  • Deposits are easily machined
  • Non-fuming



  • Working Temp: 760 C to 850 C  (1400 F  to 1650 F)
  • Tensile strength: Up to 90,000 P.S.I. (620 Mpa)
  • Hardness: 100 Brinell as welded, up to 200 after work hardening



When using this alloy, use a neutral flame with the torch at a low angle to the work.

Preheat the starting area to a dull red heat and then apply a small amount of flux and alloy.

Continue to heat until the alloy flows out.

Add additional alloy until desired size and shape is obtained.

Layer upon layer can be built up without removing flux or cleaning previous deposit.

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