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Astro 615 Low Hydrogen

Low Hydrogen for T-1, High Tensile Steels, Railways


Superior Low Alloy for High Tensile Steels

Astro 615 is a special electrode designed for low alloy, high strength steels such as T-1.  The deposited metal has good X-ray quality and excellent tensile and impact properties.



Astro 615 was developed for welding T-1 steel in all applications.  Physical properties of the welded joints equal or exceed the physical properties of the base steel, in either ‘as welded’ or ‘stress relieved’ condition.

In addition 615 is suitable for many other applications, particularly where high strength welds with excellent, low temperature, impact properties are required.

When extreme ductility of the weld area is required with high tensile steels or when welding heavy sections, the use of low temperature preheat is recommended.



  • Developed for welding T-1 steel in all applications
  • Super high physical properties
  • Excellent where high tensile strength welds with exceptional low temperature impact properties are required
  • Gives 100% joint efficiency
  • Physical properties of the welded joints equal or exceed the physical properties of the base steel
  • Moisture resistant flux coating



  • OCV: 70V min.
  • Pre-drying: 2H/300 C
  • Yield Strength: 700 Mpa (100,000 P.S.I.)
  • Tensile Strength: 760-800 Mpa (116,000 P.S.I.)
  • Elongation: 20%
  • Charpy V-Notch: 50J @ -50 C



Clean weld area of all foreign material.

Hold a short arc, but do not whip, as this may cause porosity.

Stringer beads are recommended, weave beads may be used but not more than 3 times the diameter of electrode, when using the larger sizes of electrode, a drag technique is suggested.

Slag can be easily removed by chipping.

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