High Abrasion Resistant, Gasless Hardfacing MIG


Hardfacing Alloy for Severe Abrasion and Low to Moderate Impact

Astro OA-40 is a gasless Semi-automatic open-arc hard surfacing alloy, designed for combining good compressive strength and hardness to provide excellent resistance to wear caused by heavy abrasion.



The weld deposit has high compressive strength and is recommended for hardfacing crusher parts and hammer mill parts used in pulverising operations. OA-40 also has these great features:

  • High in alloy, abrasion-resisting particles
  • Weld deposit takes on a high polish
  • Weld deposit will check crack readily to relieve stress



An excellent resistance to abrasive wear is provided when this alloy is used for hardfacing such as: Hammer Mill parts, Crusher parts, Expeller Screws, Augers, Pug Mill Augers, Dredge Cutters and Shovel Bucket Teeth.



Abrasive resistance: Excellent
Impact resistance: Good (low to moderate impact)
Compressive strength: Excellent
Hardness: 61-64 R.C.



OA-40 should be deposited with the open arc only (no gas required), using direct current, reverse polarity. The recommended amperage range is 180-250 amperes at 26-28 volts. A weaving technique is recommended to develop maximum abrasion and impact resistance.  Application thickness should be limited to 2 passes or 6mm (¼”). Stick out 35mm.  Deposition 4.5Kg/hr at 200 amps.

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1.6mm 15kg spools


2 Rolls, 1 Roll